Moving Home – The Benefits of Decluttering

Moving Home – The Benefits of Decluttering

Here at Move, Store & More, we try to keep things as interesting as possible for our readers. Even for slightly more functional topics that don’t exactly catch the attention but are nonetheless vitally important to people. And we aim to provide the best advice for each subject, dipping into a variety of resources and previous experience.

Unfortunately, there’s little we can do to jazz up this theme. Decluttering is not renowned for its entertainment value. We could always tell a joke in each section, but it would take a higher standard of comic genius to balance this weighty chore.

So, to save you reading awful dad jokes, we’re sticking to the facts and will intersperse with any working knowledge we have on organising. Our apologies to all the hoarders – this blog will feel like an attack.

The Art of Decluttering: Removing the Inner Hoarder –

Let’s use that last point to segue into the heart of the matter. Most of us are guilty of keeping things beyond their usefulness. In fact, it’s great if you can repurpose something rather than throw it away. We’re big fans of recycling and repurposing, so please do this with pride and in abundance wherever possible.

However, let’s tackle the issue at hand and centre ourselves on the term usefulness. What do we mean by this? In simple terms, it still needs to work. Is that box full of old electrical plugs and mystery wires in a working state? The truth is most likely that the box is full of broken, old cables that don’t match any appliances.

Typically, there’s always one main offender per household – our sincere sympathy for anyone dealing with two or more hoarders. We say this as playfully as possible, but you need to do some of this against their will. It’s time to tackle the clutter and get rid of thing things causing it.

And to do this – you must remove the inner hoarder as well. Or bypass the troublemaker and keep them out of the process. Good luck with that, and kudos if you’re the hoarder and you recognise it. Now is the time to move away from these bad habits and into a clutter-free existence.

One Week vs One Month – Setting a Schedule –

It’s time for the nuts and bolts of the topic at hand by working out the length of time you’ll spend to complete this. How long should it take to remove clutter from your home? The first thing to consider is the current state of things. Are we dealing with a mammoth task or a lighter job? This might link to the last time you undertook a big clean.

Typically, we only use the term decluttering when it’s becoming a problem. We’re going to assume the workload is significant enough to earn this title. How long you assign to the job is up to you, but it needs a start and finish deadline. Otherwise, those bad habits will creep back in, and those pesky items from the donation sack will also magically make their way back into the wardrobe.

A week can sometimes be too short, especially for family and work commitments. We’re not suggesting working tirelessly for a week straight when we note this time length. This just means you begin decluttering on Monday and finish by the following Monday. Starting is tricky but closing the deal is where things can falter.

Move, Store & More #1 Suggestion – give yourself three or four weeks for this exercise. 

List every task and create a decluttering checklist that’s thorough in scope and with notes on delivery. Break everything up into smaller action points to help make them more manageable. Complete at least of them every other day, and you’ll be done in no time at all.

Use Household Storage Products to Maximise Space

We’re going to provide you with a top ten household product list, noting the best choice via Amazon. You can imagine this list would be huge if we were providing alternative options. You should be able to see Amazon’s related suggestions at the base of this article.

Move, Store & More’s Top Ten Household Storage Products:

  1. WHIFEA Pull-Down Cabinet Organizer
  2. Davidsons Collection Cable Organiser Set
  3. Nest Neatly Smartcube Under Bed Storage
  4. AIYAKA under sink storage
  5. mDesign Fabric Large Storage Box Bin 8-Pack
  6. Z Basket Collection Hanging Fruit Basket
  7. Delta Cycle Rugged Michelangelo 2 Bike Rack
  8. Mythinglogic Workout Equipment Storage Organizer
  9. MoNiBloom Foldable Bamboo Shoe Organizer
  10. Old Dutch Oval Hanging Pot Rack

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night –

Brave, brave the piles of old clothes you keep putting back into the wardrobe and drawers. The truth about clutter is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a while for things to get out of hand and is more the symptom than the cause. And before you know it, you’re struggling to find places to store more clutter.

This requires a degree of bravery and determination before jumping headfirst into this journey. Ask yourself this question – do you still use this object? If the answers are yes, then keep it. For any maybes, put them to one side for a second evaluation. When you answer ‘no’, then it’s time to get rid of it and make sure you go through with the decision.

You have a few options regarding your ‘definite’ and ‘maybe’ piles. Selling is the first for anything that works and is valuable enough. Donating the items to local charities or upcycling collectives is the next line of action. We’ll go into this in more detail about recycling later in this blog. For now, it’s all about committing to the exercise and setting deadlines.

Move, Store & More #2 Suggestion – Be brave, be bold, and get this decluttering set in stone. 

The Benefits of Doing This Before Moving –

So far, our angle has been about how households can better organise their living spaces and avoid clutter. Now, we’ll consider this from the perspective of relocating and the advantages you gain from the same process. There are a few different benefits for homeowners who are moving when they declutter before the relocation.

The first is to prevent taking things you don’t use with you. It’s a futile undertaking if you lug things with you, only for them to take up space in your new home. You’re also paying to transport these items, just to leave them under a bed or a similar fate. You can refer to the previous section on how to evaluate whether something is worth keeping.

Another benefit you’ll receive is reducing the overall volume of objects. This is known as the load, and most removals companies assess from this calculation. By lowering the total number of items, it might reduce the cost of your relocation. And you’ll have fewer things to unpack when you reach the new house or flat.

The last noteworthy point – you’ll be able to create an inventory while you clear things out. While you declutter, you can catalogue the things you’re keeping. Download and use a home inventory app for this purpose. You’ll complete two jobs at the same time, meaning you’re also multitasking.

Move, Store & More #3 Suggestion – Only Take What You Stil Use When Relocating

Repeat and Reap the Rewards for Storage –

What works for removals also transfers to storage. Why would you store something you never use? It’s a waste of money and valuable storage unit space. The home inventory tip is also essential for maximising the value when using storage. Most storage companies will ask you to provide a list of what you’re storing, so you’ll have this ready.

You’ll also be able to combine the efforts of storage and decluttering while you pack. One of the best storage tips is to rent a storage unit before you relocate. That way, you can move full boxes out of the way without moving things between rooms just to make the process. Additionally, as you pack, we’re advising you to get rid of things at the same time.

Storage also allows you to avoid letting things get out of hand in the future. You’ll have more space to put to better use, and the plan is to keep it this way. Just try to avoid using the storage unit as an excuse to build up the clutter!

Move, Store & More #4 Suggestion – Save a reminder to do a small declutter once every couple of months.

Declutter and Recycle for an Environmentally-Friendly Clean –

We’re returning to an earlier point to add some detail. Decluttering and organising can sometimes have unfortunate consequences. You find yourself throwing piles of rubbish bags away. Luckily, you can easily avoid this, and you can complete a thorough clean-out without adding anything to landfills.

It’s possible to recycle a lot more things nowadays, and there’s likely a tip near you where they’ll do it for you. You’ll also find glass, cardboard and plastic recycling points in your city or town. Most councils have recycling initiatives as well, and some provide additional containers for weekly or fortnightly collections.

If you’re keen to upscale your recycling efforts, you can check out Waste Connect, Recycle More and Recycle Now websites. Each provides things like the nearest recycling point to you via postcode and valuable resources on environmentally sound practices. You don’t have to worry about decluttering and causing waste because there are plenty of ways to do it in an eco-friendly way.

Move, Store & More #5 Suggestion – Recycle & Declutter Without Worrying About Waste.

Move Store & More – Declutter and Organise Your Home –

So, that’s the end of our article on decluttering. It’s our mission to dig through the information that’s out there in Google town. Then, we’ll read it, compare it, compile and assess everything before deciding which bits work best. By balancing this online advice with our own professional and personal experiences, we hope to provide you with helpful information.

Most of us dread organising our home and reducing clutter, but it will all be worth it. The trick is to do regular smaller cleans to avoid it becoming a huge undertaking. And if you’re able to, try and limit things that add to waste, such as excessive packaging or single-use plastic. Once you’re in a routine, you’ll find it easier to avoid hoarding and enjoy your living spaces more.

If you still have questions regarding this topic we haven’t covered, please get in touch or leave a comment, and we’ll do some additional digging. Wherever possible, we’ll seek answers and will revert.

We’ll be back with a new blog shortly. Until then, go well, and we hope you’ll Move, Store & More with us soon.

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