Ideas for Creating a Second Source of Income

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Remember when we mentioned doing other topics in and around removals? Well, here’s the first example of something that’s slightly outside of our primary niche. However, we believe it’s a popular search term for a reason. And the Move, Store & More team are here to help people wherever possible.

One of the defining features of the pandemic will be how we move forward from it. Many people are struggling with their finances now and are also thinking about the future. That’s why there has been a massive increase in traffic for making money online. In this blog, we’ll highlight viable options, some we highly recommend and others we suggest you avoid altogether.

Let’s get straight into it and discuss the feasible routes to increasing your income.

Multiple Sources of Income vs A Healthy Dose of Cynicism –

The days of having one or two sources of income might be a thing of the past. It’s a slightly outdated concept that relies too heavily on the security of one particular job. If we learn anything from the pandemic response, employment can likely be tenuous or even an illusion of safety. That’s why having a backup plan is crucial to cover your back.

By adding one or two additional revenue streams, you’ll begin to create your own safety net and contingency plan. However, it’s not as easy as the ‘gurus’ or marketers allude to in their onslaught of YouTube ads. It takes a lot of graft and dedication, as you’ll essentially be learning a new trade. Keep this in mind while you navigate the various avenues to making money online.

We speak from experience, having started this journey in 2020, and it continues from the time of writing this article. I personally made some rookie errors and took the bait of the low hanging fruit online advertisers present. Fortunately, my blunders didn’t cause too much financial damage. But there are things to steer clear of.

Move, Store & More’s Tip #1 – apply a generous dose of cautious optimism when looking for new income sources.

You’ll need to have the drive to succeed in any new venture, but it only fits to be naturally cynical of some practices. We don’t want anyone to lose money while they’re trying desperately to improve their finances. Nor would we recommend anything that played into the hands of the less scrupulous bad-faith actors.

Entry Level Transcription and Blog Writing –

If you’re looking for something you can start relatively quickly, writing might be an option worth further investigation. You don’t need to have much or any experience, just the general ability to write coherently and the ability to learn. There are accessible entry-level job postings out there; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Unfortunately, most bloggers’ route works on bidding platforms like Upwork, while people with a bit more experience could fare better on Fiverr. It’s not an easy route as you’ll be competing with thousands of other people who bid for work. If you’re thinking of this route, it’s best to check the postings regularly and set up notifications. You’ll have to accept a lower rate to win prospective jobs, but it’s a viable approach for beginners.

The enter-level route for transcriptions isn’t as exploitative as some blogging platforms, but it’s also not particularly well paid either. You’ll need to pass a written test and hit a level of accuracy for most transcription providers. Sites like Rev and GoTranscribe are the go-to websites for anyone new to this. Financial Wolves have an excellent blog covering the various transcription platforms here.

For anyone using any platform service where you’re vying for work against a crowd, try this: 

Move, Store and More’s Tip #2 – find the company information when submitting a bid.

A trick is to find some contact information for the company in question and see if you can sneak around the HR backdoor. Use your initiative and see if you can spark up communication. Let them know you submitted for the job and look forward to hearing from them. A little resourcefulness goes a long way, and you’ll stick in their memory.

My overall take on both entry-level blogging/content writing and transcription work is 50-50. I have mixed feelings and was glad to leave this behind relatively early. However, both are worth considering for anyone looking for a start.

Writers – Upgrade to Copywriting to Increase Earning Potential –

Here’s something I have a more recent and active relationship with, and this is a progression for anyone who’s struggling to earn more as a freelance writer. Content and blog writers tend to get stuck in a rut, and their earning ability plateaus. Online job bidding sites carry much of the blame as they undervalue these writers’ services, lowering their value.

However, it’s not the case with copywriting, and I would gladly recommend anyone who has writing skills upgrade to this medium. Those with experience command six figures a year, but you can start making a decent wage immediately. All it takes is the proper training and mindset to seek out clients.

As the opening disclaimer states, some of the links that feature throughout this blog are affiliate, and we always note this for transparency. We’re promoting the Filthy Rich Writer’s copywriting course via our partners at Outline Copy. I also want to add that I’m a member of this course and continue to use it daily. When I have first-hand knowledge of its benefits, it’s easy to advocate for something. There is an upfront investment, but it’s possible to pay for the course relatively quickly.

The great thing about copywriting is its flexibility with various applications and job prospects. You can seek a full-time career, but it’s also possible to utilise it as a side hustle. That’s how I use it – as a second source of income. The only difference is I can charge a lot more for it than content writing, and the projects I work on have a lot more variation.

Move, Store & More’s Tip #3 – watch the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy introduction video here.

Also, feel free to DM or email if you have any specific questions about this course.

Is Day Trading Easy? Nope, But It’s a Viable Career –

So, are you a Wolf on Wall Street fan and see yourself as the next Jordan Belfort? Unless your ambitions are some jail time, resetting your goals might be an idea. It’s an entertaining film (especially the quaalude scene), but it’s a poor representation of the industry. And Belfort was recently involved in an online guru scam group called Raging Bull, so his credentials are flaky at best. 

Whether inside financial hubs like Wall Street or as an independent trader, day trading is a tough job. The hours are long, the pay isn’t always fantastic, and the risk is enough to give anyone a stomach ulcer. However, there’s a genuine career opportunity with the right knowledge and attitude. You can also approach trading as a sideline by undertaking a passive trading model.

Let’s state the obvious – you need start-up capital for investment purposes and at least some baseline knowledge of trading. The golden rule applies – only invest what you can afford to lose. This includes any educational materials, so don’t put a course on your credit card. And be mindful of the predatory nature of online gurus and perform due diligence before signing up.

Most phoney trading sages sell useless trade tips and aren’t profitable traders, with many incurring regular losses. If you’re looking for a mentor, find one that tells you it’s a difficult road to tread. Our friends at Learned Bear are promoting Tradercobb and Tradex, and both platforms fit the bill. A no-nonsense yet successful trader who isn’t afraid to tell you there’s a grind ahead.

Move, Store & More’s Tip #4 – instil a good work ethic and only trade what you have spare. 

Print on Demand and Drop Shipping –

The plus points for a print of demand and drop shipping is the ease of access, plus you don’t have the burden of retaining and reordering stock. Most POD and drop shipping platforms have excellent design and preview software. You’ll also find heaps of informative blog articles and guides on starting and maintaining your store(s).

The problem is – it’s often ‘sold’ as a quick win for people who can’t design, with even the better online tipsters lauding this statement. While this might be true a couple of years ago, the major players like Redbubble and Tee Public are promoting quality designers. Furthermore, many accounts are subject to suspensions for copyright infringement. It’s worth learning some design basics and creating unique pieces to avoid this.

Dropshipping is also coming under heavier scrutiny for the exact same reason. Intellectual property is a hot topic, and lots of accounts are being shut down for using offending products. Much like POD, it’s essential you avoid doing this and thoroughly research the things you plan to sell via drop shipping. Try and find things you would actually want to own.

Move, Store & More’s Tip #5 – create designs and sell items that you would actually buy.

It’s that simple – don’t sell crap you wouldn’t buy yourself. Both POD and dropshipping require patience, dedication and research. You’ll need to like the process until it becomes profitable when the sales don’t spring into action immediately. That’s might hard to do if you’re trying to peddle a rehashed tee shirt or pieces of plastic nonsense. If you find a niche, you stand to do well, but it’s not as straightforward as some would have you believe.

Things to Avoid When Searching for Opportunities Online –

A personal case study – what to avoid when trying to make a quick buck or pound. So, as you’ll gather by now, I/we try to interject personal experiences in our articles. And while I’m a passionate supporter of increasing revenue, there’s always room for caution. I also personally dislike the ‘gurus’ because they rarely walk the walk. Or, to put it more bluntly – they’re con artists.

If someone says they’re ‘trying to help you by offering freebies, tread carefully and go with the maxim that the best things in life aren’t always free. They only want to help you remove your credit card from your wallet or purse. From experience, there is no such thing as easy money online.

I recall one such experience from a memorable online snake oil salesman who likes giving ‘tips’ because [insert phoney back history here. They all have a similar MO]. In this instance, the advice was to download a free e-book and resell it – easy money, right? I gave it a go, and it was all free – but the product was a waste of time. This learned gentleman stated he charges $50, but I wouldn’t even give this thing away. The e-book was littered with spelling and grammar errors and files that no one would expect from a credible product.

I’ll repeat our previous tip as it’s really important: only sell something you would gladly endorse or use. You’ll need to invest but do so sensibly.

Move, Store & More Tip #6 – Never EVER go into debt to fund a side hustle.

And try to avoid what seems like simple actions for instant returns. The likelihood is the only thing you’ll do is regurgitate a snide product thousands of other people are pushing. And it won’t have any value to offer a potential buyer.

Move, Store & More – Smart Advice for Online Income –

So, that’s the end of our article on all things side hustle and extra income. It’s our mission to dig through the information that’s out there in Googleville. Then, we’ll read it, compare it, compile and assess everything before deciding which bits we like. By balancing this online advice with our own professional and personal experiences, we hope to provide you with useful information.

Finding a viable side hustle is a bit of a minefield and will incur some degree of risk. However, don’t takes undue ones and only part with money you won’t miss. It might be better to save for a while if you see a course or piece of software you need. Alternatively, see if the merchant has any discounts or will help spread the cost over a longer period.

If you still have questions regarding this topic we haven’t covered, please get in touch or leave a comment, and we’ll do some additional digging. Wherever possible, we’ll seek answers and will revert.

We’ll be back with a new blog shortly. Until then, go well, and we hope you’ll Move, Store & More with us soon. 

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