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John Andrews

I've worked as a content writer for removal and storage providers for over seven years.  That includes some social media marketing for two companies, as well as copywriting work within the industry. This has allowed me to write content with a broad scope, often delving into unfamiliar topics which require a consummate amount of original research.

Prior to this, I have experience in publishing, proofreading, content and copywriting for other business sectors.  In addition to my business writing, I'm also an active creative writer. 

This website needs that personal touch, so it makes sense that I include my perspective as a removal and storage customer. As a regular annual relocation expert, I would describe myself, especially during my university tenure, giving me a string of new addresses around Newcastle upon Tyne.

My other relocations were long-distance, with a national move from Scotland to England, and two international trips to American, and more recently, South Africa.

I would describe my overall experience of being a customer with varying levels of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of removal and storage. More details about this in our upcoming content.

Leo Burford

I have fifteen years of marketing experience for removals, storage, and logistics companies in the UK. During this time, I've taken many sites to top three Google rankings in the industry and managed over £2,000,000 expenditure on PPC. Additionally, I've designed and developed multiple websites focusing on helping companies adapt to the changing needs of customers.

With an ever-increasing demand for user experience and a higher standard of customer service, I improved each company's online profile by utilizing Trustpilot, Google Live reviews, and Facebook recommends.

It goes without saying that all information we provide has enough authoritative clout to prove useful and relevant. Experience is key, and advice should reflect what's happening in the industry, as well as the wider business community. So, let's introduce the people behind the website and content you'll be reading over the coming months and hopefully, years to come.



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