A Guide on Covid-Cleaning Your Home when Moving


I know what you’re thinking – we’re all tired of hearing and talking about Covid-19. We hear you and feel the same way, but like it or not, there’s an intrinsic need to discuss it in relation to removals and storage. That’s because potential buyers will ask about how you plan on leaving the property and what state of cleanliness they expect when they arrive.

And it stands to reason that someone would ask for a professional level of cleaning to happen before they move in. After all, there’s plenty of money changing hands, so it goes without saying that the seller is upholding a certain standard. This is crucial for any landlords or landladies reading this – it’s your responsibility to remove any germs or pathogens before a tenant moves in.

We’re not just going to espouse opinions or make directionless statements (we hope). It’s time to get our Move, Store & More on – and look at practical ways to clean your home. This will include more than one perspective, so don’t shout angrily at your screen until the end of the article.

The Importance of Covid-Clean Properties – 

First of all – why would this matter? The obvious place to start is often the best. No one wants to become ill from Covid-19, and trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. This is especially true in situations where it’s avoidable, even more so if someone else was at fault beforehand. So, what does this mean in the professional realm and in relation to an individual selling their home?

It’s worth pointing out that we can’t make any legal commentary because we’re not lawyers, nor do we have any knowledge on this side of things. However, we think it’s useful to point out that anyone selling their property is always doing so in good faith. Treat this transaction as you would like to be treated. Is it unreasonable to ask the owner to undertake a thorough clean? Absolutely not, and you should put yourself in their shoes. Not literally – unless with expressed consent first.

Think of it from another angle – do you want any hassle resulting from your old house or apartment? When we move out of somewhere, a certain level of a cathartic process goes with it. Yes, you might have fond memories, but you’re moving on. Therefore, don’t leave any loose ends that snag you later when an angry new owner contacts you about the property’s poor condition.

Move, Store & More Tip #1 – Leave it clean and move out with a clear conscience. 

Selling Up? Make Sure You Leave It Clean – 

To emphasise that last point again: leave your soon-to-be-sold home in the sort of condition you would want to move into. From a universal karma type of consideration, putting good intentions out there will come back positively; who knows. From a purely personal perspective, I’ll repeat the point that it’s worth doing to avoid any recurring headaches. Underline this phase of your life and move on.

Now let’s go into the hands-on side of things – how would you Covid-clean your home before selling?

There are two approaches to this. The first is hiring professionals and getting a cleaning company that specialises in removing all germs and pathogens. The second option is to take the task on yourself. One will likely cost you more, but a DIY job won’t be free. You’ll need to factor in the costs of purchasing the correct cleaning products that eradicate the Covid-19.

We’ll concentrate our efforts more on the scenario of you performing the cleaning duties.

Top Tips for Doing Your Own Covid-Clean – 

  • Buy suitable surface cleaning products that kill pathogens
  • Use equipment that can reach difficult places
  • Clean, then go over every surface with disinfectant
  • Leave disinfectants on surfaces for several minutes before wiping
  • Don’t leave out the devices – clean phones, tablets, computers
  • Wash clothes regularly – don’t reuse single-use items
  • Steam clean if you have access to suitable equipment

Move, Store & More Tip #2 – Clean, then disinfect to get the correct results. 

Moving In? Discuss the Process with the Seller – 

You’re going to need to hone your diplomacy skills to get the desired results. Technically, and by the looks of legally, there’s no requirement for the owner to clean to a certain level. And while this also applies to you when you’re in the same position, remember to keep things on point and only deal with one task at a time.

It will help if you discuss the hygiene process when you begin to discuss numbers and table an offer on the property. You’ll also be able to ask for a list of things like valuable contacts for the local area and what service providers they have for gas and electricity. It will save you a lot of effort if you have this information to hand, even if you’re changing to other providers.

The only point that crops up when considering the legality side of cleanliness is that the previous owner must empty the property and outdoor areas of all items. Think of this in terms of old furniture or appliances. They’re obligated to remove their possessions or dispose of them in an appropriate manner. You can read more about this here in case it applies to your situation. 

Move, Store & More Tip #3 – Promote good communication between the seller for a smoother transition.

Devices that Reduce or Remove Covid-19 – 

One of the unfortunate consequences of the reporting of Covid-19 is conflicting information. Honestly, this was inevitable when dealing with a novel virus with which no one has any experience. Even when new information became available, there have been numerous problems conveying a consistent message globally.

Essentially, most of the SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission is airborne and happens via spray particles and droplets. That’s why masks are still widely seen as the best preventative measures. This also means we can apply best practices by meeting with groups of people outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces if it’s necessary to do so indoors.

It might sound tricky to work out if the ventilation in your home or workplace is sufficient. One way of doing this is by using a device that measures CO2 levels and provides a warning when the levels are too high. As with any product or service advice, please read the customer reviews to gauge its effectiveness and compare at least three similar products.

We’ll group a range of CO2 monitors, air filtration devices and other Covid-cleaning products at the base of this article from Amazon.

Move, Store & More Tip #4 – Meet groups of people in outdoor areas or well-ventilated indoor spaces.

The Latest Advice from the WHO –

 We’re returning to a point from the previous section with regards to sharing the latest information on Covid-19. There’s so much conflicting advice that it’s almost impossible to discern what’s relevant or correct. We believe that the most up-to-date and credible reporting on Covid-19 comes from the WHO, who in turn advises every government on new information.

You can follow their updates here and read up on the most effective ways to prevent the virus’s transmission. The best practice when reading up on and absorbing any updates is to listen to the experts. We certainly don’t want to politicise this in any way, nor will we be adding personal opinions or anecdotes. The main thing is to be safe and reduce any unnecessary risks. With a bit of luck and looking out for one another, 2022 will be the year we gradually return to something that resembles normality.

Move Store & More – Your Guide for a Covid-Clean Home –

That’s it for another article from Move, Store & More. We hope you found some helpful information on Covid-cleaning your home, and it will help you make the correct decisions and actions. Our mission is to dig through the knowledge out there and report what we discover. Then, we’ll read it, compare it, compile, and assess everything before deciding which bits work best. It’s about balancing this online advice with our professional and personal experiences.

It’s not just about removing germs and pathogens, though – there were some necessary legal points regarding the seller’s responsibilities or lack thereof. That’s why opening a dialogue with the seller or buyer is crucial. This will help everyone transition into their new homes without any issues. And always lead with the maxim: treat others as you would like or expect to be treated. If you do, you can’t go wrong.

We’ll be back with a new blog shortly. Until then, go well, and we hope you’ll Move, Store & More with us soon.

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